Systems and Tips for Betting on College Football

When it comes to betting on football it seems like the NFL is the place to make your money. Due to less teams, more consistent players year-in and year-out, and less change in gameplay, it would stand to reason that the pros are the way to go.

Although these things are all true, each year, sports books win a higher percentage of bettors’ money on NFL bets than in any other sport. This is the reason why so many serious sports gamblers have been turning to the college ranks to make their money.

Bettors at various online gambling industries have created an endless number of strategies and systems that they’ve found success with over the years for betting on college football.

Over Heat

It goes without saying that checking the weather before betting on a game is something you should do. That being said knowing the weather report doesn’t do much good unless you know how to use the information effectively.

When you are going through your list of potential games to bet on, check if you can locate a few where the temperatures are going to be in the high 80s, 90s or beyond and consider betting the over.

As the season progresses, the weather cools down for most of the country, so focus on leagues like Pac-12 or Big 12 to find games with high temperatures. These leagues tend to have a history of high-scoring offenses. However bookmakers take this into account, you can still have major success betting the over at sites in France.

Bet on Rest at Home

The college football season is a grind and important players on every team get banged up each week. Getting a week off is crucial not only because it gives coaches an extra week to scheme, but it also provides an opportunity for a team to get healthy and enough rest.

Taking the above into consideration is very important in football betting.