Australian goalkeeper Stefan Petrovski dies after being struck by lightning

The chances of being struck by lightning seem so slim, but then there are the deadly reminders of just how serious that situation can be. Unfortunately, a month after being struck by lightning following a training session, young Australian goalkeeper Stefan Petrovski has died.

According to the report in The Guardian in the U.K., Petrovski was struck by lightning leaving the training ground for his Malaysian club Melaka United on April 5. He was transported to a local hospital, where his condition was stabilized with the use of a ventilator.

However, after initially optimistic signs, Petrovski’s condition took a turn for the worse and the lack of oxygen and swelling on the brain just couldn’t be overcome. Ultimately it was those two conditions that led to his death.

His club had a few statements on his death, via The Guardian:

“I was shocked when I was told of the news by the assistant to the association’s team manager Datuk Yusof Mahadi,” Khairi Anuar Ahmad, the club’s vice president, was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times.

“He was a dedicated goalkeeper and boasted that he wanted to be the best goalkeeper in the country. He was very jovial, a good boy, liked by his team-mates and always wanted to be better.”

According to the report in The Guardian, a second player was struck in the lightning storm but was able to regain consciousness and is stabilized at this time.

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