NBC retains English Premier League rights for the next six years

Rich Sandomir of the New York Times reports and NBC has confirmed that NBC has retained English Premier League rights for six more years that will last until after the 2021-2022 season. This comes after reporting record ratings for an opening EPL on NBC weekend as well as announcing that they will be showing 40 […]

EPL’s upcoming TV rights requirements pave the way for NBC

Sports Business Daily outlined the EPL TV bidding rights whereas bids are expected to be due by August 8. As expected, the networks who have or have had EPL TV rights, NBC (current rights holder), ESPN and Fox (previous rights holders) are expected to bid. The Premier League outlined some rules for anyone bidding for […]

Soccer dominates network TV this Saturday afternoon

On Saturday afternoon, something rare will take place on American network TV. NBC and FOX will be showing soccer at the same time on two of the four main free to air TV networks. NBC will have Chelsea vs. Manchester United at 12:30 et and FOX will have an FA Cup Semifinal between Reading and […]

VIDEO: NBC switches announce team during Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

“The show must go on” as they say in show business and that certainly applies to live TV. Having worked in live TV for sporting events, things are usually very hectic in the moments before a live broadcast. The constant remains, once it hits that time, you’re on live regardless of what’s happening behind the […]

Arsenal/Manchester United Breaks US EPL Viewership Record

The November 22nd matchup between Arsenal and Manchester United became the most watched EPL game in US history. The Man U 2-1 win over Arsenal averaged 1.41 million viewers, breaking the previous record of 1.38 million set with a Chelsea/Man U game in February 2012. What is interesting to note is that the Chelsea/Man U […]