VIDEO: NBC switches announce team during Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

“The show must go on” as they say in show business and that certainly applies to live TV. Having worked in live TV for sporting events, things are usually very hectic in the moments before a live broadcast. The constant remains, once it hits that time, you’re on live regardless of what’s happening behind the scenes.

This applied to NBC as the regular announce team, Arlo White and Lee Dixon, were unable to make it to Selhurst Park in time for the beginning of the Crystal Palace/Tottenham game. NBC decided to use the world feed announce team of Jim Proudfoot and Jim Beglin.

After about four minutes, the regular crew of White and Dixon came on without skipping a beat, blaming “one or two transportation issues” on the way to the stadium. All in all, it was a very smooth transition and some great under pressure decision making from the people in the production room.

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