Celtic FC Women Emphatically Decimate Opponent 29-0

And you thought the German 10-0 victory over the Ivory Coast in the Women’s World Cup was bad. Scottish women’s side Celtic FC completely destroyed their opponent, Dundee City, by a score of 29-0 in the second round of the Scottish Women’s Cup. In case you don’t believe, here’s the tweet from the Celtic FC Women’s Twitter.

Yes, you read that right. 29-0. Even more surprising than that was the fact that one woman had eight goals to her name. Ruesha Littlejohn scored eight while teammates Chloe Craig and Mairead Fulton both got five on what was a fantastic day for the Celtic ladies team.

The rest of the scoreline read like this: Niamh Johnston scored a hat-trick, Kirstin McGuire ended her day with two goals, Ellis Dalgliesh, Kylla Sjoman, Sam McManus, Joanne Paton and Danielle Connolly each scored one goal.

If add all of them up, you count only 28 goals scored by Celtic, so where did the other goal come from? As you might have guessed it, to add insult to injury, the 29th goal was scored by Dundee City on an own goal. A truly unfortunate and dismal day for the poor Dundee City squad.

A scoreline this outrageous calls back to other times a team has run up the score on their opponents. The 31-0 annihilation of American Samoa to the hands of Australia back in 2001 set a record for largest margin of victory in an international match, and even the lesser known Arbroath 36–0 Bon Accord scoreline back in 1885 in a Scottish Cup matchup held the record up until 2002 for largest difference between two opponents in professional football.

We will have to see who Celtic draws in the third round of the Scottish Cup, and I would imagine that their opponents would be less than enthused to draw the Celtic ladies in the next round.


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