VIDEO: Chelsea turns game around with two quick goals

Chelsea was looking ragged, being run off their own pitch after John Terry’s own goal and Kevin Mirallas scoring the second for Everton. However, an amazing turnaround by the Chelsea saw them scoring two goals in less than three minutes to equalize the game.

It started with Tim Howard, as he had a bit of a howler, when he tried to clear away a long pass by Cesc Fabregas destined for Diego Costa. He whiffed on the ball, collided with his own defender and left Costa to score the easiest goal he will ever score in his career. Take a look:


Then, not three minutes later, Cesc Fabregas continued his good form and had a go on goal that ended up deflecting off an Everton defender and a helpless Tim Howard could only look as the ball went in the other direction that he was headed.  

An amazing turnaround from a team that was being dominated soundly and taunted with chants by visiting supporters that “they were going down”, making fun that they are fighting off the dreaded drop.

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