VIDEO: Coutinho does it again, scores his second against Chelsea

Philippe Coutinho, before this game, was criticized for not scoring enough for Liverpool as he came in as a £8.5 million signing. But, in Liverpool’s game against Chelsea, Coutinho has justified his high price tag with two sublime goals.

After scoring his first late in the first half, Coutinho was not done as he searched for the second for Liverpool. Up until the 74th minute things were still level and, despite being the better team throughout the game, Liverpool could not manage to get the goal to push them ahead.

That was until Philippe Coutinho scored his second of the game to give the Reds the lead late in the game. Watch as he managed to score a goal that was in similar fashion to his first of the game:


An amazing goal by Coutinho as he has single handedly lifted Liverpool up, after Chelsea caught them sleeping them early in the game.

UPDATE: Liverpool effectively finished off Chelsea with help from another man they brought in to score goals, Christian Benteke. Benteke managed to slip by the Chelsea defense and slotted in a beauty of a goal to give Liverpool their third goal of the game as well as the three points as the game would end 3-1 in favor of the Reds.

Take a look at Benteke’s goal:


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