Video: Jesse Lingard scores for Manchester United then does the dab

We’ve seen the dab spread like wildfire recently whether it being NFL players, NCAA Football coaches, or even Hillary Clinton on the presidential campaign trail.

Well now the craze has spread across the pond when Jesse Lingard brought it to the Premier Leauge. Lingard scored Manchester United’s second goal and then celebrated by performing the latest dance craze at St. James’ Park. The goal was a welcome sight for Manchester United fans as it was reminiscent of a classic Manchester United goal, a counter attack where the club went from defense to attack in the blink of an eye, which is something the club has rarely done under Louis van Gaal.

I’m sure when United fans think of the goal, the great counter attack will keep them happy enough that they can forgive Lingard for busting out a dance move that we’re all already tired of.

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