VIDEO: Keylor Navas is a brick wall against Celta Vigo

About a month ago, Real Madrid fans lamented on what could have been when the David De Gea deal fell through the cracks. The deal would have sent the Manchester United goalkeeper to Real Madrid in exchange for their current keeper Keylor Navas, to fill the gap left by the departure of their longtime captain Iker Casillas.

As you can imagine, Keylor was really disappointed that he was not given a shot with Real before they tried to replace him. But now, Madridistas are singing Keylor Navas’ praises as he is having a monster game so far against Celta Vigo.

Celta Vigo is surely the surprise of the season as they came in second place going into their game against top of the table Real Madrid. Most football fans would think that the difference would come from someone like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is always making things happen for los Merengues.

However, today it is Navas’ day as he is leaving everyone with their mouths agape with point-blank saves, quick reactions, and so far is keeping a clean sheet for Real.

Take a look at some of Navas’ tremendous saves:

Wow. Keylor Navas take a bow son.

UPDATE: Although Keylor Navas was not able to obtain the clean sheet, his impressive performance was enough to see Real Madrid to a 3-1 victory.

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