Video: Pierre Emrick Aubameyang scores on beautiful chip

Quick, name the best striker in the Bundesliga. You said Robert Lewandowski right? Of course you did, you couldn’t go more then five minutes in October without hearing his name. The man already has 14 league goals this season and 20 goals in 21 appearances in all competitions. And of course don’t forget about that time he came off the bench to score five times in nine minutes.

But Robert Lewandowski isn’t the correct answer. The best striker in the Bundesliga is Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre Emrick Aubameyang. Hell, Aubameyang may be the best striker in the world that no one is talking about.

Entering this weekend’s round of games Aubameyang led the Bundesliga in goals with 15. Last season he set a career high with 16 league goals. On Sunday Aubameyang equalled that career high, in not even one half of the season no less, on a beautiful chip against Stuttgart.

Aubameyang would add his second of the game, and 17th of the season just before the full time whistle just for good measure.

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