VIDEO: Thierry Henry’s priceless reaction to Brendan Rodgers sacking

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock for the past two hours, the biggest news in the footballing world is that Brendan Rodgers is no longer manager at Liverpool.

There has been reaction all over social media from Liverpool fans, and other team’s fans as well, ranging anywhere from jubilation to surprise and, of course, what would the internet be without the occasional snarky comment thrown in there.

But really, the best reaction hands down came from Sky Sports pundit and former Arsenal great Thierry Henry. Take a look as both Jamie Carragher, the former Reds captain, and Henry react as the breaking news came in that Rodgers was no more at Liverpool.

I love how Thierry reacted instantly putting his hand on Carragher’s leg as if to console him, looks at Carra to check to see if he’s ok, and Henry’s face changing from concern to surprise in no time flat. To add to Henry’s comic reaction, look at Carragher’s stoic face as both pundits learn the news of the fate of Brendan Rodgers.

A little levity and humor coming during a hard time for Liverpool, and with that Thierry Henry just gave internet trolls more material for memes and reaction gifs.

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