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Chiellini thinks Suarez suspension is “excessive”

Giorgio Chiellini shared his thoughts on becoming Luis Suarez’s latest biting victim…

“I don’t have any feelings of joy, revenge or anger towards Suarez for an incident which happened on the field and finished there.

“I’m just angry and disappointed about losing the game. At the moment, my only thoughts are with Luis and his family, because they’re faced with a very difficult period.”

Chiellini also had thoughts about Suarez’s nine match, four month suspension.

“I always considered the disciplinary measures by the governing organisations to be unequivocal, but at the same time I think what they have proposed is excessive. I sincerely hope that he will be permitted at least to be close to his teammates during their games, because forbidding him from doing that would be alienating him.”

(via Chiellini’s website]