England throws its hat in the ring for 2022 World Cup

To say Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup is in serious trouble would be an understatement, given the bribery scandal engulfing the head of the national organization and the bid to host the 2022 World Cup. However, we won’t know the full details of what FIFA finds until after the current World Cup is over (the timing couldn’t be more impeccable).

That little detail didn’t stop England Prime Minister David Cameron from officially throwing England’s hat in the ring, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph in the U.K.

England was a front-runner for the 2018 World Cup, which ultimately went to the oil tycoons over in Russia. Cameron spoke about the shock of losing that World Cup bid as motivation for putting its name out in front of possibly hosting the 2022 World Cup instead of Qatar.

“I’ll always remember Beckham saying to me afterwards, I can cope with being lied to, but I can’t cope with people lying to the Prime Minister and the future king,” said Cameron.

Clearly the English have a long memory when it comes to not only being out-bid for the 2018 World Cup, but the ultimate insult to English sporting sensibilities was being slapped down for a second bid in a row.

While it’s clear that England desperately want to host the event, its officials are saying the right things in advance of FIFA’s investigation findings. Cameron seemed very clear with his country’s intentions, but also made sure to not jump the gun.

“Anyway we’ll see what happens with this inquiry into the World Cup and who knows what the chances may be for the future,” Cameron said via The Telegraph.

“There is an inquiry under way quite rightly into what happened in terms of the World Cup bid for 2022. I think we should let that inquiry take place rather than prejudge it.”

Never mind the fact that FIFA investigating itself and being unbiased is a bit of a stretch, or that there already critics pointing out the curious timing of the investigation shutting down quickly after the Sunday Times released the documents leaked its way.

To say the next few months will be a messy and important time period for FIFA’s credibility going forward may be a gross understatement, but on the surface there are already clues that Qatar is likely on its way out as host.

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter clearly has already publicly admitted that hosting the World Cup in the Middle East was a mistake. Having a nation like England in the background willing to host certainly gives Blatter and FIFA an easy out, and a way to make things right for snubbing them in 2018.

There are also allegations over improper spending by the Australian bid, which further complicates an already messy situation.

Given the black eye that could be coming for FIFA in the next few months, pulling Qatar as hosts and giving it to England would be a win-win for all parities. At the very least, it solves some of the hard feelings that have erupted over the last few bid processes.

Now, if only FIFA can find a real way to clean up its house and give the international community some modicum of transparency. Hey, one can dream, right?

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