CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – JUNE 17: An England fan eats an full English breakfast on June 17, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town hosts the match between England and Algeria in the second of their group stage matches on Friday. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The Full Breakfast: Jan. 26, 2015 edition

Welcome to something new, yet something many are familiar with. Seriously, how many of you reading this haven’t been to a pub at 6am and needed a good breakfast to soak up your booze-filled morning? Enter the awesomely dangerous and amazing “English Breakfast.”

So, between your crazy weekend hours we’ve got your fill of eggs, white and black pudding, sausage and beans…in the form of the latest and greatest news to wake up to from across the pond.

Of course, one can’t partake every day, so look for this to come your way three times a week as we set you straight on the news and rumors from our favorite leagues across the pond.

That said, let’s get in to the meat and pudding of things (see what I did there)…and take a look around the top leagues in Europe.



With it being an all FA Cup weekend there was plenty of news coming out of our fellow English speakers and proprietors of the namesake to this feature.

No doubt the biggest story of the weekend was Bradford City, team of League One, taking down a Chelsea team many were calling the “new invincibles” just a few short months ago.

However, the real story is the fact that The Telegraph let us know that silence spoke volumes for manager Jose Mourinho. Safe to say he wasn’t happy that his “second” team couldn’t take of the minnows of the English game.

The Gunners got away with a 3-2 win over Brighton and Hove Albion, but Tomas Rosicky’s antics on the field had former Manchester United legend Phil Neville saying he would’ve “two-footed” him, according to the Daily Mail.

Speaking of that 3-2 win, apparently Arsene Wenger loves the fact that his team barely survived and according to the Daily Mail is tipping his Gunners to win the FA Cup (insert laugh here).

We’re not done with the Gunners, who are set to apparently sign Brazilian Paulista from Villarreal. You know, because Brazilian’s in English soccer (not playing for Chelsea) have been a great idea in the past.


Keeping up with the English theme…well, how about the Welsh theme? ‘Cause Gareth Bale continues to rip things up in La Liga. This time in the form of the game-winning goal in Real Madrid’s 15th win in the last 16 games.


There are no Bundesliga games going on…but according to our friends at the Independent the German game has a ‘Crystal Meth’ problem. No seriously, this is a thing on an actual journalistic website.


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