FIFA Bidding Report In

So the investigation in to the bidding process for the 2018/2022 World Cups is in. Today Chairman Michael J. Garcia and Deputy Chairman Cornel Borbély of the Investigatory Chamber of FIFA submitted their 350 page investigative report on the bidding process. In the statement Garcia recommended to take action against certain individuals. The biggest question revolves around Qatar and why the gulf state was awarded the cup that would be played during the summer in extreme heat.

According to FIFA the report sets forth detailed factual findings; reaches conclusions concerning further action with respect to certain individuals; identifies issues to be referred to other FIFA committees; and makes recommendations for future bidding processes. 

In addition to this report Garcia also submitted two supplemental reports on the United States and Russia’s bidding process. Of course as is the case with FIFA the report will not be made public but instead go to FIFA’s ethics judge Joachim Eckert. He may be able to impose sanctions but the limits of his power are unknown. It has been said by Sepp Blatter that only his executive committee has the power to revoke bids and they are the ones who selected the countries in the first place. Blatter even admitted to his mistake insisting it wasn’t a good idea to have two bids going at the same time.

The wait is on to see what happens with this report. Will FIFA be transparent and let the world see inside their organization or will they chose to push it under the rug. There are serious allegations here dealing with bribery and corruption and the world is waiting to see what happens.

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