FIFA removes another official implicated in corruption scandal

FIFA is a corrupt organization? Stop it…you don’t say? 

The Caribbean being involved in said corruption? Even less shocking. After all, that part of CONCACAF housed the infamous Jack Warner and the rumors of his corrupt dealings are well known in the soccer world. 

However, the latest move by FIFA shows that perhaps they are willing to clean up their act just a bit. On Tuesday, the AP reports that the world soccer governing body  is removing a member of its Audit and Compliance committee in the face of allegations of corruption.

The report indicates the committee member is Canover Watson, who sat on the committee and was the treasurer of the Cayman Islands soccer federation. In his day job, he was the head of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange. 

Hearing the words “Cayman Islands” and “corruption” also shouldn’t be surprising, given the tax shelter and ease of banking that occurs in that part of the world.

Watson isn’t charged with anything to do wit the stock exchange though, rather he is being accused of corruption and money-laundering in a case reportedly involving supplying public hospitals with swipe-card billing technology. 

The good news for FIFA’s consideration is that there is no link between these allegations and further corruption with his work for the governing body. 

“After a preliminary clarification of the facts of the case and the allegations of the Cayman Island investigating authorities against Canover Watson, no connection with football and/or his role at association level has been established at this stage,” football’s governing body said in a statement.

However, let’s be real here. If Watson was willing (allegedly) to be corrupt in his dealings in his native area is it really a stretch to think he wouldn’t find a way to curry favor in a way that was less than above board? 

Sure, FIFA took swift action in removing him from the committee, but this is but one step in a long and difficult process for the organization to regain any trust with the public. 

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