FIFA Will Not Release Russia and Qatar WC Bidding Report

Surprise, Surprise. FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced that FIFA will not be releasing the contents of the recently turned in report on the bidding processes involving the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Blatter claims that no one in the Executive Committee has requested the information be released. If this is true, then what is the Executive Committee at FIFA doing? Several influential people in the world of football have asked for the publication of the investigation. They include US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati, UEFA President Michel Platini and FIFA presidential candidate Jerome Champagne. Gulati and Platini are on the Executive Committee. These individuals as well as the rest of the world have asked for the information to be made public.

This is just another example of the closed minded nature that is FIFA. They prefer to do everything behind closed doors and be in total control. FIFA is a very secret organization that has no transparency. These are all reasons why FIFA is nominated for a Public Eye Award from Greenpeace, which is an award for corporations who have “a dismal record in terms of social and environmental responsibility.”

Hopefully enough pressure can be put on FIFA to release the investigation to the public. Until the truth comes out (which it may never), people will question what really happened to award the world cups to Russia and Qatar respectfully. Papers in England have already done their own research and its only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Either FIFA will release it or someone else will do it for them.

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