Five Things We Learned This Past Weekend

This past weekend meant that we learned just a little bit more about the teams we follow every week. Here are some observations from the weakend.

1) Transfer Deadline day should be a cracker

This week has started off with a couple of big names changing teams. Mario Balotelli to Liverpool and Angel Di Maria to Manchester United. We can only hope the wheeling and dealing will continue.

2) 48 pass goals are a rare feat

Tottenham’s goal vs QPR was something special. The passing and movement during the sequence was phenomenal and the cross and finish weren’t bad either. It shows what patience and teamwork can turn into. Mauricio Pochettino should be proud while on the other hand, Harry Redknapp should feel the opposite.

3) Manchester United won’t be a quick fix

There are many problems with United and it doesn’t have to do with the manager. The same issues that plagued David Moyes’ tenure are reeling their heads again. The effort and quality in the midfield is just not there. For United’s sake, Angel Di Maria needs to be the shot in the arm they need.

4) MLS is still gaining attention around the world

With Jermaine Jones coming to the MLS via the New England Revolution and the departure on Giancarlo González from the Columbus Crew. It shows that the league is growing and that the quality players in the league deserve chance playing the game elsewhere.

5) It’s never good to lay your hands on someone

Diego Simeone’s eight match ban is evidence that violent conduct is not the answer. How this affects Atletico Madrid season awaits to be seen. Not having your general on the sidelines providing insight and encouragement is discouraging especially one so charismatic as Simeone.