Welcome to 32 Flags!

On June 12th, 32 countries with fans waving 32 different flags will commence the greatest tournament in sports. We at 32 Flags will aim to provide you thorough coverage of the world’s biggest sporting event.

I’m Matt Yoder from Awful Announcing and I’ll be just one of the soccer fans and sportswriters part of the 32 Flags staff that will be along for the ride for the 2014 World Cup.  While my main blogging objective is following the daily foibles of the sports media world with a careful eye, I’m also an enormous soccer fan who can not wait for the quadrennial journey to begin once again.

At 32 Flags we’ll break down every kick from Brazil and take note of all the viral happenings from the greatest tournament on earth.  If Cristiano Ronaldo bends a free kick over the wall into the upper 90 or just so happens to take his shirt off, you’ll hear about it here either way.  In the run up to the tournament, we’ll provide plenty of previews, historical perspective, USMNT coverage, and goofy internet listicles to hopefully hold you over until the first kick of Brazil vs Croatia on June 12th.

Let’s hope Brazil 2014 provides us with something as memorable as this from four years ago…