Luis Suarez finally fesses up, issues apology to Chiellini for bite

Luis Suarez’s penchant for human flesh is well documented, but since being caught biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s 1-0 win over the Azzurri he wasn’t much for apologies. That changed on Monday as the player finally issued a public apology.

Wait, we thought you just “lost your balance” there Mr. Suarez. If that’s the case why issue the apology? Or is it all a conspiracy of the “fascist” FIFA committee like your president claimed?

At least Suarez is attempting to save some face in the matter, and he oddly has one supporter we all didn’t see coming—the victim of his bite, Chiellini.

To his credit, Chiellini has been wholly positive about the situation and issued a response to Suarez’s apology.

Since Suarez can not appeal the terms of his ban, it would be up to the committee that issued the punishment to reduce the ban. Chiellini’s main concern is the fact that Suarez isn’t allowed at any soccer stadium in the world for any reason for four months.

It means complete isolation from the game–you know, basically FIFA’s way of saying go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done until we are satisfied you learned your lesson.

Until Suarez proves he’s capable of getting on the field and going a year or two without biting another opponent, consider the apology not accepted by the the fans.

My advice to Suarez—dude, get yourself into some counseling and maybe we’ll think about letting this all go. Do it before you get on the field and attack someone again, because the next time you may never step foot on a soccer pitch again.

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