These awesome ESPN commercials will get you ready for the World Cup

It’s no surprise that the channel that produced the legendary “This is SportsCenter” series of 30 seconds commercials knows what it’s doing in the advertising department.  ESPN’s world soccer coverage is one of the best things the network does and the World Cup is the pinnacle of everything that the self-proclaimed worldwide leader does right.

The combination of ESPN’s excellent world soccer team and their creative advertising genius has produced some memorable spots ahead of Brazil 2014.  It started with this brilliant video of iconic announcer Ian Darke calling a date:

And then there was this spot that focused on the US Men’s National Team.  Shed a tear for the glimpses of Landon Donovan:

Two more spots, including one just released today, focus on the international flair of the world’s greatest tournament:

These videos in addition to the amazing artwork ESPN put forth with 32 posters for every team are tremendous marketing and a great way to build anticipation for the 2014 World Cup.  Make no mistake, the billion dollar empire that is ESPN is putting every resource possible towards making this their biggest and best production yet in their final World Cup before Fox takes over rights for the next cycle.