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Uruguayan media: Suarez biting incident overblown by English media

The aftermath of yet another Luis Suarez biting incident has turned downright bizarre – Uruguayan media is saying that the incident is being overblown, and that the English media has an agenda against him. Yes, really.

A report by the Uruguayan station Tenfield claims that Suarez’s biting Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder only became an issue because members of the English media brought up the incident during the post-match press conference. Forget the fact that Twitter immediately went bonkers after Suarez appeared to take a chunk out of Chiellini – it’s all about that damn English media turning a molehill into a mountain!

Tenfield’s story goes on, as translated by The Guardian.

“In the TV replay, as viewed in the press area, it appears that Luisito’s face comes in contact with Chiellini without it being clear whether he bites him as was claimed by those – especially the English – who were keen to play down Uruguay’s victory.

“In our view the TV picture is not clear as to whether or not Suárez bites the shoulder of the Italian defender. Note how Suárez stumbles after jumping for the ball and how his face hits the shoulder of the Italian player.”

Yeah, that make sense – the images you saw on TV weren’t that clear. Maybe Suarez accidentally headbutted Chiellini (with his face…), and didn’t actually bite him. Forget about those bite marks on Chiellini, the replay was inconclusive!

Another Uruguayan media outlet, El Observador (again, as transcribed by The Guardian because their website appears to be down at the moment), also parroted the “inconclusive” talking point, and then invoked…Photoshop. Because why not, right?

“There was no single picture to prove there was a bite. Two images were circulating: one, of Chiellini with his shirt up for the referee, appeared to show he had been visited by a vampire. In the other there was nothing. Was it Photoshop?”

Yep, that must be it – journalists are Photoshopping bite marks onto Chiellini to forward their anti-Suarez, anti-Uruguay agenda.

But hey, remember – this is all the English media that’s making a big deal about this. It’s not like outlets from Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United States (among many others) are throwing accusations at Suarez either. And hey, that English media clearly has a massive amount of pull with FIFA, forcing them to open an investigation and charge Suarez with assault just hours after he got a hankering for human flesh.

In other words, the Uruguayan media is so embarrassed by Suarez that they’re slinging mud and trying to divert blame from the actual issue at hand. Well done, everyone.

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