Video: Tottenham’s 48 pass goal is incredible

Tottenham smashed QPR 4-0 in EPL action on Sunday.  The highlight was a mind-bending 48 pass goal that was eventually scored by Nacer Chadli.  Spurs had possession of the ball for over two minutes straight without QPR getting a single touch.  Every player on the field touched the ball at least once in the same move.

The graphical diagram of the build-up to the goal looks like the most confusing game of connect the dots ever conceived.

It’s a remarkable goal that has to be seen to be believed.

Were this goal scored by Barcelona or Pele’s Brazil after 48 passes, it would go down in history as one of the great goals of all-time… but this is Tottenham we’re talking about here.  Unfortunately, a goal of this caliber isn’t getting the notoriety it deserves.

H/T SportsKeeda