Xbox’s Every Street United is spotlighting the world’s best street soccer players

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As the World Cup rolls along, Xbox has begun to air an online series called Every Street United, which aims to find “the fiercest street soccer warriors” from around the world. A new episode airs online each Sunday, and features Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids mentoring the players.

The series has also highlighted some wild trick shots, like this insanity from American competitor Jose Perez. For his trick shot, Perez holds the ball between his knees, maneuvers it so that he’s holding it between his ankle and butt, and then donkey kicks the ball backwards. It’s baffling how he pulls this off, but he does it with ease.

Even though the World Cup is rightfully taking center stage on a global scale, it’s important to note that soccer is more than just pinpoint-accurate strikes, skillful dribbling, athletic saves, and the occasional bite or two – there are a lot of talented people out there doing things that we couldn’t even dream of. Every Street United is focusing on some of those players, bringing up memories of those NBA street ball mix tapes that turned so many young men into cult heroes.

You can check the series out on Xbox’s website, your Xbox console, or through Xbox Video on your tablet or PC.

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