Al Pacino Sends Message to Argentine Team Before Copa America Final

Argentina is in the Copa America Final against host Chile on Saturday night and they got a surprise from a famous fan. Legendary actor Al Pacino sent a message of support to the Argentine team as they’re going for their first Copa America title since 1993.

Al Pacino le envía un mensaje a la Selección Argentina from Copa América Chile 2015 on Vimeo.

It turns out Pacino’s girlfriend is Argentinian so he is a fan of the team. It remains to be seen how big of a fan he is but he gave the team a message before the Final.

“Hi guys. I’ve been told I’m talking to the soccer team and I just saw you play again, yet again and I love the way you play. I like to watch your approach. I get excited along with my wonderful girlfriend, Lucila Sola and we watch you and we love you and I get really happy when I see you play and it’s always a pleasure for me. I’m very excited to even be talking to you, it’s thrilling for me to talk to you and to let you know how I appreciate how wonderful and great you are as players. I don’t know you as people so I don’t want to say how great you are as people, but as players, I love you.”


Credit to @HEGS_com for posting the video on Twitter.

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