Day 4 of the Copa America includes the two best games of the tourney and another anthem screwup

In terms of on the field play, Group D collectively provided the most entertaining action of the Copa America Centenario. Now that everyone has played a game, let’s recap what all happened in day four of the Copa America.


1) Biggest Winner: Panama

Panama made history tonight. Well they were going to make history regardless tonight. Panama played in their first ever Copa America tournament. Playing Bolivia, Panama’s first ever Copa America game ended in a 2-1 win and tied at the top of the group with Argentina.


2) Standout Performer: Blas Perez (Panama)

With two goals, Blas Perez not only sealed the win for Panama but he is now leading the Golden Boot standings. In his first goal, Perez had great form getting to the ball and great style by sliding as he scored.


3) Biggest Loser: Claudio Bravo (Chile)

Claudio Bravo had a rough night. Allowing two near post goals, Bravo had an uncharacteristically bad night and has to limit that weakness if Chile is to get far in this tournament.


4) Best Tweet:


5) Biggest Surprise: Panama/Bolivia being an entertaining game

I did not expect Panama vs. Bolivia to be entertaining. Seeing the formations as well as the weather and the physical nature of the two teams, I was expecting the game to be rather painful on the eyes. Despite there being a lot of fouls and stoppages in play, it was still a great game.


6) Worst Moment: Another national anthem screwup

Come on, Copa America. This is starting to get embarrassing. It’s one thing to play the wrong national anthem but now the wrong anthem that got played last night was screwed up tonight and by the end, Pitbull was playing. I don’t know who exactly is running these games but I did operations as an intern at the college and pro level for my college major and I knew then not to make those kinds of mistakes. For something that’s supposed to be the “biggest soccer event in the United States since the 1994 World Cup,” it feels like its being run as if it’s a school project.


7) Best Goal: Angel Di Maria (Argentina)

Much more than just the goal, this goal was the best goal because of what this goal meant to Angel Di Maria. After scoring, Di Maria ran to the sideline to hold up a shirt honoring his grandmother who just died.


8) Tuesday’s Games:

We’re back to seeing Group A and that means a return of the United States. This is it for them. A loss against Costa Rica in Chicago tomorrow will mean that the USMNT will the the first team eliminated from the Copa America Centenario. Colombia and Paraguay will play in the late game.

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