Catch us at the Irish American Pub in downtown Manhattan this Saturday

32 Flags will be on location this weekend. Associate Editor Jeff Snyder and myself (Phillip Bupp) will be heading to New York City for the Premier League weekend.

On Saturday, the two of us are going to be hanging out at the Irish American Pub on John St. in Downtown Manhattan (just east of the World Trade Center) with the NYC Kopites as they enjoy Burnley vs. Liverpool at 10 AM ET. Jeff and I met with those at the NYC Kopites and the Irish American and they are very great people who have been great friends of us since as well as great friends of the site. Even if you are not a Liverpool fan, they are more than welcoming if you head there for a game. One side has the main bar and right beside that is the Boot Room, where Liverpool fans downtown congregate. It’s simply a must for any fan and Jeff and I will be there broadcasting on our 32 Flags Facebook page before, during halftime and after the Burnley/Liverpool match as well as going over the other matches of the weekend.

But that’s not all, Carragher’s Pub & Restaurant in Midtown on West 39th St. (near Times Square) is the place for fans in Midtown. Carragher’s is owned by the same people who own the Irish American and celebrates the history of the city of Liverpool as they share similarities with New York City in terms of both being port cities as well as celebrating Jamie Carragher himself. And just a couple weeks ago, Carragher’s announced the opening of The Team, which is next door and is going to be where Liverpool fans meet up for matches, similar to the Boot Room.

Also happening this Saturday, Liverpool fans around the area will make Yankee Stadium just a bit red as over 500 fans are heading to The Bronx to catch the New York City FC vs. Los Angeles Galaxy match and possibly catch the final match of Steven Gerrard’s career in the East coast. There is speculation that Gerrard will retire as a player after this season so Liverpool fans within NYC are looking to see him off one final time.

And if you cannot make it to either place this weekend, both places have former Liverpool players showing up later this year. On September 24, fullback and current ESPN pundit Steve Nicol will be visiting Carragher’s to catch the Hull City/Liverpool match as well as participate in a free Q&A. Copies of his autobiography “5 League Titles and a Packet of Crisps” will be available to purchase. And then on November 12, Jamie Carragher will be at the Irish American for a meet and greet as well as a show. This event, you would need to purchase a ticket to attend as the event is through 5 Times, which is run by former Liverpool players where money goes to various charities near and dear to players as well as the city of Liverpool itself.

Hopefully, you can come down for the match. Grabbing something to eat at both the Irish American and Carragher’s while drinking a beer and catching the match, there aren’t too many other places in New York City that are better. We will catch you then.

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