Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho enters Guinness Book of Records

Chelsea may not have had a great start to the season but it’s a good day for Jose Mourinho. Mourinho is going to be in the Guinness Book of Records where he will be credited with five records.

Mourinho is credited with the following records.

– “Longest football unbeaten home run by a manager” (nine years)

– “Most [UEFA] Champions League titles with different clubs” (two titles)

– “Youngest manager to reach 100 [UEFA] Champions League matches” (49 years and 12 days)

– “Most points in a Premier League season” (95 points)

– “Most games unbeaten at home in the Premier League” (77 games)

Mourinho was presented with certificates for each record in a quiet celebration in his office.

It seems nice that Mourinho would be honored like this. I don’t know if a “world record” is really valid since the records in question only pertain to either a single country or continent. That’s kind of like when people refer to Super Bowl or World Series winners as “World Champions” when only one or two countries actually take part.

Either way, it is something nice to do and I’m sure Jose Mourinho was appreciative of the recognition (even if he usually doesn’t like to look in the past). I’m sure Mourinho would love to go back to the form that earned him those records for his current team.

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