Christian Benteke’s bicycle kick not enough as Manchester United crush Liverpool 3-1

Well it wasn’t as bad of a beat as last year when Steven Gerrard got sent off in 40 seconds and Liverpool was embarrassed but it wasn’t much better either.

After a terrible first half that we just flat out will not mention here, Manchester United won 3-1 in a much better second half by both teams (at least for those not named Martin Skrtel).

The first goal was the result of a form of trickery on Man United. United fooled Liverpool on the free kick by placing it on a platter to Daley Blind and Blind crushes the ball into the back of the net.

And then after Joe Gomez fouled Ander Herrera in the box to set up the penalty, Herrera made it 2-0 United.

But just when you thought Manchester United was going to walk with this, Liverpool turned it on with a force. David de Gea had a great game and made some wonderful saves but even he couldn’t save what Christian Benteke brought to the table.

Goodness what was that all about? Benteke just rocketed that ball into the back of the net. Having to sit through some rather terrible soccer was worth it for that goal.

But what hope Liverpool fans had went away almost immediately when Anthony Martial flat out made Martin Skrtel look like an amateur and made it 3-1.

That was the final blow and United took the 3-1 win. All in all, this was another nail in Brendan Rodgers’ potential coffin as Liverpool manager. I’m not debating whether or not Rodgers deserves to be sacked because he’s going to be given the season. John Henry and FSG better realize that there is someone waiting in the wings who wants to manage Liverpool but he won’t be available forever. Liverpool is a team who is in dire need of an overhaul but has already had a few overhauls before. Nothing seems to be working over there.

For Manchester United, they aren’t perfect either but it appears that, just like outrunning a bear, all you need to do is be faster than the last person. While Manchester United isn’t doing their best, they’re far and away better than Liverpool right now and that’s what will get them fourth place.

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