during the Barclays Premier League match between Southampton and Leicester City at St Mary’s Stadium on October 17, 2015 in Southampton, England.

Leicester’s Jamie Vardy moves wedding date to not inferfere with possible Euro 2016 selection

Jamie Vardy is the epitome of someone who can have anything they want if they work hard enough. He went from a non League player working in a factory, to playing for a low League team, to playing for a midtable team who because of him, now is in the top three of the English Premier League.

Now that he has enjoyed his first selection to the English National Team, Vardy ran into another dilemma. When Vardy and his fiancee were planning their wedding, Vardy wasn’t expected to be anywhere close to the English National Team so they put their wedding day in the summer, in the beginning of Euro 2016, so it wouldn’t affect the club season.

Now that there is a chance for Vardy to be on the Euro 2016 roster, he and his fiancee had to change their wedding date. For a soccer international, there isn’t that much time for someone to do something like get married because these players essentially play year round. Vardy and his fiancee chose May 25 as their new wedding date.

May 25 is on a Wednesday, but it doesn’t conflict with any games. The Premier League season ends a week and a half before and the FA Cup Final takes place the weekend before. The only issue will be if Vardy gets transferred to a team who advances to the Champions League or Europa League Final. Maybe that will make Leicester City fans feel better. Jamie Vardy is confident that he won’t get sold to another team that he’s putting his wedding right before a couple of European finals.


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