Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho’s charity work has been exemplary

Since transferring to Liverpool in 2013, Mamadou Sakho has become a popular figure in the community around Liverpool, due to his tireless charity work around the city of Liverpool.

Sakho takes every opportunity to give back to his community. Most players will hire a language teacher after transferring to another country. Sakho took it as an opportunity to help tutor students in French, while practicing English, as part of the “On the Ball” program. He also famously helped restore homes around Liverpool last year. He’s done charity missions to Africa, held charity matches for the Mamadou Sakho Association (his charitable foundation), and does a lot of work with the Liverpool Foundation. This week, he has been donating time with Zoe’s Place, a baby hospice in Liverpool, which was featured by Liverpool below.

I’m not saying Mamadou Sakho is the only player to have a charity or do work. I would go as far to say that not every player has to be doing this. Soccer takes up a huge part of their lives. How they spend their time outside of the game is truly up to them, and nobody could blame them if they just laid on the couch sleeping. It’s what I’d do. But when a player does this much for his adopted community, it definitely deserves recognition. For someone who reportedly didn’t have the best childhood to turn around and be so charitable is inspiring. I’ve got to say, for all that Sakho has done, Liverpool are underselling him a bit in that tweet. He’s certainly more than a touch of class. Now, if only he could cut out the some of those defensive errors on the pitch…

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