Pep Guardiola reportedly heading to Manchester City next season

Spanish radio station Cadena Cope as well as The Guardian is reporting that current Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola will head to the English Premier League and manage Manchester City starting next season.

Deciding that he wants a “change in scenery,” Guardiola would leave Bayern for a new challenge joining Manchester City. It has been noted that Guardiola would eventually want to manage an EPL team and many had thought that Manchester City was going to fire Manuel Pellegrini at the end of last season for Pep. It appears like it could happen a year later than once thought.

I can definitely see why Guardiola would want a new challenge. Just like when he left Barcelona for Bayern Munich, you can only win so many trophies before you get bored. There was also more that went on that led to Guardiola’s departure at Barcelona but if I was in Pep’s position, I would have certainly left Barcelona and Real Madrid for a new challenge because I won too much.

In terms of Manchester City, this will certainly be a great move for them. After a 4-1 defeat against Liverpool and many pointing to Pellegrini’s tactics as a reason for the loss, many fans wanted Pellegrini out last year and that didn’t happen. Some of Manchester City’s struggles is that many of his impact players are either old or injured, Pellegrini still isn’t the most tactical manager in the EPL. And for a team who is still capable of winning the EPL but short on Champions League, a managerial change can take them from EPL champs to Champions League winners.

As far as Bayern Munich is concerned, it’s rumored that Carlo Ancelotti is most likely going to be manager. That would certainly be great for Bayern, would that be the best move for Ancelotti? It most likely would but if I was Ancelotti, I would feel out my options before committing. Some very prestigious positions may be freeing up over the summer, Ancelotti may fancy returning to Real Madrid or Chelsea if Rafa Benitez or Jose Mourinho get the sack. Carlo may get into a bit of a bidding war and come out a big winner when it’s all said and done.

(The Guardian)

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