Swansea sacks Garry Monk, who replaces him?

Swansea has decided they have had enough and sacked Garry Monk after a current 15th place standing in the English Premier League table and only winning once since August 30 in all competitions. This is the fourth managerial change in the Premier League (Liverpool, Sunderland and Aston Villa) and we aren’t even halfway through the season.

Garry Monk, a Swansea legend, was a center back for 10 years before retiring and becoming manager in 2014. With a 36% win percentage and 28-17-32 record, Monk took Swansea to an eighth place finish in his first full season last year and was the second highest finish in Swansea’s 103 year history. Things changed after Swansea only went one win in 12 games in all competitions.

So now that Monk is out, who takes his place? Immediately, two names come to mind and they are rather familiar names to those who follow the Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers is certainly familiar with Swansea and Swansea fans are familiar with him. Before the team was in the Premier League, Rodgers was chosen to save Swansea and got them to the Premier League. Despite him leaving for Liverpool in 2012, Rodgers and Swansea remained on good terms for the most part, which can be rare in this day and age. Now that Rodgers needs a team and Swansea needs a manager and both have taken their share of knocks recently, both may need each other to get back to their former greatness. If I had to make a prediction today, I would say Rodgers is going back to Wales.

Someone else who is also very likely to be at Swansea is David Moyes, while not having any previous connection to Swansea, is in a very similar situation as Rodgers. The longtime manager of Everton, Moyes replaced a legend in Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and we all knew how that turned out. Then he went to Spain to manage Real Sociedad and even though he had his moments with the fans as well as beating Barcelona, got sacked under similar reasons as Monk. If Moyes and Swansea can get on the same page and create a situation like Moyes at Everton, they could be a top 10 team, just like last season.

Swansea shouldn’t panic too much. Yes, they are 15th place in the EPL table but this is still a talented team who can break into the top 10. And Garry Monk has proven that he can be a great manager in just his limited time as Swansea manager. While both Swansea and Garry Monk are no more, both will likely be just fine in the future.

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