Tears for Piers: The Boxing Day 2015 edition

Piers Morgan is a very polarizing figure. He’s a very opinionated person and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. To be honest, I can kind of respect him for that. But a lot of times, Piers Morgan can be irritating, especially irritating when he’s talking about his beloved Arsenal Football Club.

It’s not that I don’t like Piers Morgan because he’s an Arsenal fan, I don’t like Piers Morgan because he represents a modern day type of sports fan that I don’t particularly care for. The kind of fan who demands instant gratification and loves or hates the players and the manager based on the last result. I can’t remember how many times Morgan went from calling Arsene Wenger a genius to calling him an idiot. I mean, geez Piers, it could be worse. You could be a Chelsea fan.

Anyway, after Arsenal’s 3-0 loss to Southampton today, I checked Piers Morgan’s Twitter feed to have a little bit of schadenfreude. I thought that it would be a good idea to post his story on here for others to enjoy. Don’t be mistaken, I don’t hate Arsenal or are rooting against them or anything, I just like to see Piers Morgan upset and that kind of means Arsenal has to at least struggle and probably lose. It’s an unfortunate consequence but a consequence that has to happen for this. Here’s a sampling of the “Tears for Piers” timeline in chronological order.

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