The top 10 Louis van Gaal soundbites as Manchester United manager

In what seemed like months in the making, Manchester United officially sacked Louis van Gaal after just two years in charge. In those two years, Louis van Gaal said some things that were unintentionally hilarious and/or just plain confusing. Whatever the case may be, Louis van Gaal was no doubt entertaining at his press conferences. And even though he couldn’t get a top four spot and save his job, he certainly earned a top four spot when it came to his soundbites.

Here’s his ten best soundbites as Manchester United manager:

10) Van Gaal doesn’t appreciate Sam Allardyce’s “long ball” claims


9) “The fans are shouting “LOUIS VAN GAAL’S ARMY!””


8) “You too, fat man”




6) “There is a big arousal under the fans”

While there’s apparently no embeddable video on this soundbite, the Manchester United website has the clip here.


5) Van Gaal wanted a more “horny” Manchester United team


4) “Enjoy the wine and the mince pie”


3) Van Gaal keeps calling Chris Smalling “Mike.”

Chris “Mike” Smalling even responded.


2) “Sex masochism”


1) “Queens Park Raisins”


From a soccer writer’s point of view, Louis van Gaal no doubt provided us and many others in the media with some valuable material. Louis van Gaal may not have the kind of charisma that some managers like Jurgen Klopp or Claudio Ranieri has but in a way, that lack of charisma makes him endearing in his own way. Here’s hoping van Gaal is successful on his next managerial job, we’ll always have the memories.

[Photo: The Telegraph]

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