VIDEO: Jose Mourinho supposedly shoves teenager trying to sneak selfie

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho seems to be in some more hot water as a video released by the Daily Mail appeared that he shoved a 14 year old teen while walking down a London street as the teenager was trying to sneak a selfie with Mourinho as he’s talking on his cell phone.

As you can see in the video, the kid sees Mourinho behind him and grabs his phone to take a video and a selfie. The video obviously doesn’t show Mourinho actually shoving the kid but at the last second before it cuts away to the teenager, you can tell Mourinho notices the phone and moves towards him. Given the next few seconds after that, I’m pretty sure Mourinho wasn’t asking the kid for directions.

Now in Mourinho’s case, I can see why he could be upset at something like this. Separate the idea that this is a teenager trying to do this, trying to sneak a video of someone without them knowing is a bit weird and underhanded. I mean, if I was this kid and Jose Mourinho was my hero, I would probably turn around and ask him nicely I could get a pic with him instead of trying to go all paparazzi on him. Considering Mourinho is on the phone, I probably still wouldn’t get a positive response from him because I would be interrupting his phone call but at least I got to talk to him.

On the other hand, this is a teenager so regardless of how Jose Mourinho feels about this, there is absolutely no excuse to shove him, or anyone for that matter. Whether or not Mourinho feels this is an invasion of his privacy, it’s not like the kid is a member of the paparazzi. All he wants to do is get a video of his hero and now he has to question on who his heroes are. Just add this to the other controversial things Mourinho has done this season. And we’re only a couple months into the season.

(Daily Mail)

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