during the FA Community Shield match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Wembley Stadium on August 2, 2015 in London, England.

VIDEO: Mourinho fails to shake Wenger’s hand, throws Shield medal in stands

It’s only August 2 and the EPL season hasn’t even started yet but Jose Mourinho is in midseason form.

In the annual preseason matchup between the EPL champion and FA Cup champion, Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea team lost to Arsenal in the Community Shield 1-0. While the game was what it was, a friendly, many will be talking about what happened after the final whistle blew.

After shaking hands with all the Arsenal players, Mourinho conveniently avoids Wenger (or maybe the other way around) and then as he walked back to the locker room, Mourinho tossed his runner-up medal into the stands.

Many will fault Mourinho for the handshake snub but I think I’m going to cut him some slack. We all know Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger do not like each other. In the video, as the players were walking down the steps and Mourinho was shaking hands, Wenger turned and made sure he was behind Mourinho. And then when Mourinho turned around, he didn’t seem too concerned with chasing down Wenger to shake his hand. I’m not blaming Mourinho, I’m not blaming Wenger, it’s two managers who despise the sight of each other. I thought fans strived for that kind of rivalry between managers?

Now, to top it all off, Mourinho threw his runner-up medal into the stands and as it appeared, a kid wound up being the lucky recipient.

I mean, I’m sure Mourinho didn’t value the Community Shield as high as their other competitions (even if Chelsea had won) and he’s clearly more worried about how the team performs in the league because Community Shield success doesn’t mean automatic success, just ask David Moyes. Having said all that, it’s a pretty unsportsmanlike thing for him to do. Even if it was true that Mourinho doesn’t keep runner-up medals, he sure picked a very dramatic time to throw away his medal.

Like I said on Twitter, Arsenal fans should be happy they won today but the real thing starts next week. The Community Shield is a nice way to start the season and could provide some confidence heading into another EPL season but that doesn’t mean automatic success. By next week, this will be forgotten and Jose Mourinho will be more worried about his teams result.

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