WATCH: Aston Villa fans argue with captain Micah Richards after drawing to Wycombe Wanderers

The Aston Villa fans seem like they have had enough. The team looks to be on their way to relegation (8 points in 20 games and 11 points behind of 17th) and to make matters worse, Villa drew League Two side Wycombe Wanderers 1-1 in the FA Cup earlier today. The fans are fed up with owner Randy Lerner, they don’t believe in manager Remi Garde and they don’t trust that the players want to play for the team anymore. They showed that by taking things out on captain Micah Richards after the Wycombe game.

It’s tough to tell what’s being said but the fans are consistently saying that there’s no passion from the Villa players when they’re on the field. Richards does his best to hear what they’re saying and tries to calm things down by saying that they’re trying. Full credit to Richards for listening to them because he easily could’ve ignored him and in fact ignored the team officials trying to take him away so he could keep talking to the fans.

I know Aston Villa fans are upset but it actually does seem like the players are trying all they can. The passion may not be shown all the time but they seem to be giving it their best while having all their motivation getting sucked out of them by likely not surviving relegation halfway through the season. This is an issue of the players just not being good enough and Randy Lerner being a terrible owner who’s cheap and incapable of running a sports team. He also owned the Cleveland Browns and well… it’s the Browns. But since Lerner took over, they went from enjoying top ten league finishes (finishing 6th in back-to-back seasons) and knocking on the door of European competition to dropping down to become a relegation survivor and now, can’t even do that. It’s a sad indictment to a great team with passionate fans and seemingly passionate players, they just need a passionate owner.

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