WATCH: Wild finish of Everton vs Chelsea game ends with Diego Costa possibly biting Gareth Barry

For throughout this Everton/Chelsea FA Cup quarterfinal, it appeared as if both teams were more interested in taking each other out instead of scoring goals. In an incredibly physical game, Everton’s Romelu Lukaku scored twice late to get the 2-0 win but it’ll be what Diego Costa did (or possibly did) that will have people talking.

After 84 minutes and two very recent goals by Lukaku, Diego Costa, being his usual Diego Costa self the entire game, went in for a tough play on Gareth Barry. Both already getting into it that resulted in Costa seeing yellow and then spitting at the ground beside the referee, the two interacted again in the 84th minute. After the foul, Costa went in to talk to Barry but it appeared he may have done a little more than that.

The video makes it somewhat tough to see but it very much appeared like Diego Costa bit Gareth Barry. He goes in appearing to talk to Barry but dips his mouth on Barry’s shoulder and wouldn’t be speaking anywhere near Barry’s ear. Then Costa talked to Barry and hugged him afterward. Both would receive yellow cards and was Costa’s second yellow. Barry would receive his second yellow a couple minutes after. Here is a closer look of what Costa was doing.

Shockingly, this is Diego Costa’s first red card as a Chelsea player and first since the 2012-13 season when he was at Atletico Madrid. While it was equally as dirty, Everton and specifically Gareth Barry, gave Costa a taste of his own medicine and didn’t much like that. It remains to be seen what the FA will do as far as a punishment but if history is any indication, Costa may be out for a while if the FA determines that he did bite or attempt to bite Barry.

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