2015 Women’s World Cup Recap: Day 6

Today in the Women’s World Cup, Groups C and D faced off and we had some varied games. We got a scoreless draw, a blowout and everything in between.

1) Biggest Winner — Japan

Japan became the first team in the Women’s World Cup to officially advance to the Knockout Stage. By beating Switzerland 1-0 and Cameroon 2-1, they are only one of three teams (Brazil and France) who have won every game so far and Japan is the only team to have two wins. They may be well on their way to repeat as champions.

2) Biggest Loser — Ugo Njoku – Nigeria

It was not a good day for Nigeria and it was definitely not a good day for Ugo Njoku. Nook elbowed Samantha Kerr in the jaw and got some x-rays done for fears that her jaw is broken. Referees didn’t see the play because if they did, Njoku would’ve probably had a straight red card but that doesn’t mean she’ll escape punishment by FIFA.

After the game, Nigeria manager Edwin Ikon (who seems like a piece of work), didn’t seem to have a problem with the play.

This coming from the guy who said right before playing against Sweden in their first game that he knew nothing about them. He’s had more than six months to learn all about Sweden and didn’t know anything about them. Great work there Edwin.

3) Standout Performer — Fabienne Humm – Switzerland

While most people in America were getting bored either watching the USWNT play a scoreless draw to Sweden or Mexico play a scoreless draw to Bolivia in the Copa America, Switzerland’s Fabienne Humm made some history by scoring the fastest hat trick in a men’s or women’s FIFA tournament.

4) Results of the Day:

Australia 2 (Simon 29′, 68′) Nigeria 0

Switzerland 10 (Ponce og 24′, og 71; Aigbogun 45′; Humm 47′, 49′, 52′; Bachmann 60′, 61′, 82′, Moser 76′) Ecuador 1 (Ponce 64′)

United States 0 Sweden 0

Japan 2 (Sameshima 6′; Sugasawa 17′) Cameroon 0 ()

5) Tweet/Social Media of the Day –

If I wasn’t live tweeting the match and writing a couple articles for the blog, there was a pretty good chance I would be doing that.

6) Goal of the Day — Yuika Sugasawa – Japan

This was a pretty spectacular goal. Sugasawa comes in from behind and with a perfectly placed ball, rose up and got Japan’s second goal of the game.

7) Best Moment — The end of Switzerland vs. Ecuador

Mainly because with a 10-1 beatdown like that, it was good that the final whistle blew when it did because Switzerland wasn’t planning on stopping with scoring goals.

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