32 Flags welcomes The Comeback as new parent blog

Over the past week, you may have seen some slight changes to the site. This is because 32 Flags and our sibling blogs have a new parent in The Comeback.

The Comeback is the newest sports and pop culture news site and will kind of be a parent site to 32 Flags. What that means is some of our breaking news content will be on The Comeback and you will be able to access those stories via thecomeback.com, on Twitter @comeback_sports and @32flags as well as the 32 Flags Facebook page and homepage.

Our goal is to provide a better experience for everyone as well as easily provide you with great content involving other sports while at the same time provide those who may not have been to 32 Flags a sampling of what we have to offer and discover our site in the process.

There is no need to worry about things being moved around and such. 32 Flags will have a similar look. It’s kind of like we’re moving into a new house but the house looks exactly the same as the old one. So enjoy and make sure you follow The Comeback as well as 32 Flags for future updates in the sports and soccer world.

About Phillip Bupp

Producer/editor of the Awful Announcing Podcast and Short and to the Point. News editor for The Comeback and Awful Announcing. Highlight consultant for Major League Soccer as well as a freelance writer for hire. Opinions are my own but feel free to agree with them. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @phillipbupp