Blatter praised as combination of Jesus, Moses, Mandela, MLK, Lincoln and Churchill

This isn’t a joke, I wish it was. Someone who has power in world soccer actually compared FIFA President Sepp Blatter to Jesus Christ, Moses, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill and said that Blatter was a combination to all of those people. Dominican Republic Federation President Osiris Guzman was the one who made that comparison and I very much hope that he gets tested for senility today.

First off, I don’t think there is anyone alive in this world who is a combination of any of those people. And second, if there was someone alive in this world who fits that combination, it wouldn’t even be close to someone like Sepp Blatter.

There were some other hyperbolic things said during this Caribbean and Central America session of the CONCACAF Congress. President of the Trinidad and Tobago FA Raymond Tim Kee said Blatter is the “father of football.” There are so many things wrong with that but I’ll just go with the obvious reason. FIFA was formed about 70 years before anyone had heard about Sepp Blatter so I really wouldn’t say he’s the “father of football.”

This session was meant to be an opportunity to meet the FIFA Presidential candidates. According to The Guardian, it turned into a pep rally for Blatter as leaders from various Caribbean and Central American countries praised Blatter with insane comparisons and statements while candidates Luís Figo, Michael van Praag and Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein had to watch.

This is why Blatter is going to get re elected as FIFA President. He might be a corrupt man who only worries about helping himself instead of improving the game but he has the backing of a lot of corrupt countries who only worry about helping themselves instead of improving the game. In the political nature that is FIFA, it’s not about who the best candidate is, it’s about who the best politician is. With that, that is the one thing Sepp Blatter is the best at.

(The Guardian)

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