FIFA rankings update: Belgium holds 1st while USMNT moves up to 32

While FIFA appears to have more things to deal with, the final FIFA rankings of the year were released and Belgium held onto their number one spot. Argentina passed Germany for 2nd and caught up some points due to their win against Colombia, but couldn’t pass Belgium. Germany actually fell to 4th as Spain moved from 6th to 3rd as Chile rounded out the top five.

On the CONCACAF side of the table, Mexico remains top of the CONCACAF teams as they move up two spots into a tie for 22nd. The United States move up from 33rd to 32nd as Costa Rica rounded out the top three going from 40th to 37th.

Some big winners were those teams who participated and won in the Euro 2016 playoff round. Winners of those two games really got an advantage because those games were worth more in the FIFA rankings than other UEFA teams playing friendlies. That explains the big rise of Hungary, Ireland and Sweden.

Top 25 plus selected nations

1) Belgium
2) Argentina (+1)
3) Spain (+3)
4) Germany (-2)
5) Chile
6) Brazil (+2)
7) Portugal (-3)
8) Colombia (-1)
9) England
10) Austria
11) Uruguay (+1)
12) Switzerland (-1)
13) Ecuador (+8)
14) Netherlands (+2)
15) Italy (+2)
16) Romania (+2)
17) Wales (-2)
18) Croatia (+1)
19) Ivory Coast (+3)
20) Hungary (+13)
21) Turkey (-3)
22) Bosnia and Herzegovina (-2)
22) Mexico (+2)
24) Russia (+1)
25) France (-1)

29) Ukraine (-1)
31) Ireland (+11)
32) United States (+1)
34) Poland (+4)
35) Sweden (+10)
37) Costa Rica (+3)
45) Iran (+2)
49) Trinidad and Tobago (+5)
81) Libya (+32 biggest gain)
107) Liberia (-21 biggest loss)
204 and last) Anguilla, Bahamas, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, Tonga

Since there won’t be as many friendlies and international games until March, the rankings shouldn’t change all that much.

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