Police strike postpones start of Dutch Eredivisie season

The start of the Eredivisie season is likely to be postponed for a bit due to an impending police strike in the Netherlands. The season was supposed to start this Friday but it has been announced that the opening game featuring SC Heerenveen and De Graafschap Doetinchem has been postponed because of the strike. While it hasn’t been said if all the Eredivisie games this weekend will be postponed, more games this weekend are in danger of being postponed according to this report by Fox Sports and the Associated Press.

The police officers are planning to strike as they are trying to obtain more pay and better working conditions. It had been said that police planned to protest during the beginning of the Tour de France by blocking the route and stopping the riders but that did not happen. While it appears as if the police aren’t actively protesting Eredivisie games, them striking and therefore are unable to appear to work these games, it would risk the possible safety of the fans and players if there was no police or security at the stadiums. Depending on how long this goes, it could have a big effect on not only the Eredivisie but on the European competitions as well. It remains to be seen if the strike will effect games past this upcoming weekend.

(Fox Sports.)

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