AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – APRIL 19: Ryan Babel of Ajax gives instructions to team mates during the Eredivisie match between Ajax Amsterdam and SC Heerenveen at Amsterdam Arena on April 19, 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Ryan Babel insults female with sexist remarks, digs deeper hole by tweeting phone number

Former Liverpool and Ajax player Ryan Babel took to Twitter to “interact” with the public in the absolute worst way. After a female responded to Babel’s tweet about new Real Madrid manager Rafa Benitez (who Babel played for at Liverpool), Babel didn’t totally go with the “go back to the kitchen” kind of sexism but it was sexist nonetheless.

Ok, this was pretty bad but many famous people say terrible things on social media. Just delete the tweet, apologize and let this blow over. Babel took it even further.

And further…

And further…

[NOTE: Out of all the tweets Babel posted, he only deleted that tweet.]

Yikes, where to begin with this? Throughout all this sexism, Babel has a point. By being a famous figure on social media, I’m sure Babel gets called some of the worst things imaginable by fans, supporters or rival teams supporters. Whether or not these people deserve to be treated like this, it’s an unfortunate thing that comes with the territory of being famous.

Also, thanks to the anonymous nature of the internet, Babel is probably correct that many of the same people calling him names probably wouldn’t do that if they met him face to face. It’s easy to bully someone while you’re behind a computer screen. The problem is that Babel reacted in the absolutely worst way imaginable. The only way Babel could’ve made it worse is if he called the female the “c” word.

So at this point, Babel has dug himself into a pretty deep hole and at this point, it’s probably best to just deactivate the Twitter account and go into radio silence. Instead…

Then things go fully overboard when Babel tweeted his phone number in order for people to “cuss [him] out personally.”

I called the number, I got the same message as Soccer Gods got when they tried to call. I’m assuming we’re not the only two who have called.

Let this be a case study in how NOT to do Twitter if you are a famous person. Yeah, he probably thought he had good intentions and wanted to make some sort of a stand, but that all quickly got lost in all the sexism he displayed. There’s a time, a place and a way to get back at those who bully and criticize on social media and none of those things applied here. Besides, maybe I’m missing something here, but out of the things people say on social media, what she said was pretty tame compared to a lot of other things on Twitter.

I will say one thing, Ryan Babel was correct when he tweeted this.

Isn’t that the truth? When something like this happens, as you can see, these articles pretty much write themselves. Here’s a tip, maybe Ryan Babel needs to stay in his own lane and not do social media for a while.

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