VIDEO: A Retrospective of the USWNT Ticker Tape Parade

This morning, the USWNT was honored with a ticker tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes as they received Keys to the City from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The hundreds of thousands of people came out this morning to honor not only a soccer team, but a women’s soccer team for their World Cup win. Historically, this level of celebration is something reserved for U.S. Presidents, Albert Einstein, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Jesse Owens Military Generals, Apollo 11 moon landing astronauts, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II and various NYC sports championship winning teams. These ladies will be in the same breath as them and many other highly renowned and memorable people.

This retrospective is what happened during the parade. Think of this as a social media yearbook of the morning as you look through these pics and videos. Enjoy!

This day has definitely been something that I wouldn’t have expected. A ticker tape for a women’s soccer team was something unheard of before a couple weeks ago but here we are celebrating. On days like today, I think of the days where nobody talked soccer, men’s or women’s, and it was a lot tougher to follow and get into soccer. Hopefully, this World Cup run by the USWNT results in more coverage among women’s sports and women’s soccer including international tournaments and NWSL.

This may only be sport and may not be as historically significant as splitting the atom, flying across the Atlantic or landing on the Moon, but what these ladies did in the past month will hopefully influence people for years and decades to come. That is the legacy they’re leaving and hopefully there also were some future USWNT players in the crowd to cheer them on and dream of being on that float when they grow up.

I’m glad to announce that 32 Flags will be following the USWNT through their friendlies as well as Olympic Qualifying as well as NWSL through articles, videos of great game moments and a schedule/standings page. It’s going to be fun and can’t wait to follow these ladies as they now play with and against each other.

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