WATCH: Netherlands score on a triple nutmeg against Belarus

I can confidently say that I have never seen anything like this until today.

In their World Cup Qualifying match, Dutch striker Vincent Janssen simply flat out embarrassed Belarus with not one, not two but three nutmegs as the ball went into the back of the net to give the Netherlands a 1-0 lead.

Fox Soccer is saying it was four nutmegs but I think that’s a bit of a stretch as the replay seemed to not go through Belarus goalkeeper Andrey Gorbunov’s legs but even so, three nutmegs is near impossible too.

I don’t even know how that could be set up and attempted, much less doing something like that in live competition. Besides, when was the last time you saw someone shoot past that many players, much less through their legs? The Netherlands tacked on three more goals to win 4-1 but after scoring a goal like that, Belarus had no shot of getting a result.

The only other time I have seen anything like this was not on the soccer pitch but in the bowling alley. But that was at least planned.

[Fox Soccer]

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