U-20 World Cup Rewind – Day 6

With the 2015 U-20 World Cup taking place at crazy hours here in the United States, we at 32 Flags are happy to be your guide to all that is the U-20 World Cup. Consider this series a refresher course on all that took place while you were likely asleep. You’re welcome.

1) Biggest Winner — Fiji


Just last week, we thought FIFA was untouchable, Sepp Blatter was going to remain FIFA President until the end of time and Fiji was going to be embarrassed in the U20 World Cup. It’s been some week.

Fiji shocked the soccer world by upsetting Honduras 3-0. The tiny Oceanic island nation took on seven shots on target and kept a clean sheet. Fiji only needed to take two shots on target and they scored three goals. They are now, after two games, currently in line for a Knockout Stage spot.


2) Biggest Loser — Kevin Alvarez – Honduras

Kevin Alvarez was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He contributed to Fiji’s big win by being on the unfortunate end of Fiji’s header on their third goal.


3) Standout Performer — Saviour Godwin – Nigeria

Yeah it was North Korea but as the Fiji/Honduras game proves, you can’t take any game for granted. Nigeria took down North Korea thanks to Saviour Godwin’s brace.


4) Player Worth Staying Up to Watch in the Future: Marc Stendera – Germany

Marc Stendera’s brace, including a spellbinding free kick goal (which you’ll see later) is why you should be watching him for the future. The Frankfurt attacking midfielder helped get Germany into the Knockout Stage and there’s only going to be better things coming from that man both for club and country.


5) Best Tweet


6) Biggest Surprise — Fiji Winning

For obvious reasons.


7) Best Goal  — Marc Stendera – Germany

Marc Stendera’s long range FK strike was something to behold. What a great goal.


8) Results of the Day (Groups E and F)

Nigeria – (Godwin 48′ 51′, Sokari 71′, Isaac 80′) North Korea – 0

Hungary – 1 (Mervo 8′)  Brazil – 2 (Danilo 50′, Pereira 83′ (pen))

Honduras – 0 () Fiji – 3 (Verevou 13′, Waqa 19′, Alvarez 45′ (o.g.))

Germany – 3 (Stendera 33′ 85′, Akpoguma 59′)  Uzbekistan – 0 ()

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