After only selling 11 season tickets, Lazio is having a rough summer

It’s fair to say that Lazio isn’t having a great summer.

The midtable Serie A team launched their season ticket campaign and whatever their goals were, I am going to assume they spectacularly failed. As Gazzetta World reported, Lazio only sold 11 season tickets in the 70,634 seat Stadio Olimpico. The team reached record low sales last year when only 11,000 season tickets were sold.

Fans have been dissatisfied with Lazio and apparently haven’t been afraid to show their frustration in not giving any money to their team. For one, Lazio has been rather non-existent in the transfer market, with the chances of them signing anyone with an immediate impact being unlikely. Winger Antonio Candreva is itching to leave and the fact that Marcelo Bielsa resigned as manager after two days on the job hasn’t inspired confidence among the team and the fans.

This is pretty big for fans to flat out refuse to buy tickets. Sure, Lazio will sell more than 11 tickets by the time the season starts but considering we are a month away from the start of the Serie A season and Lazio is only guaranteed to fill .015% of the Stadio Olimpico, it’s a worrying sign of the team.

This doesn’t even look like something that lower prices will help matters. This doesn’t seem to be about money. This seems to be a statement by the fans who are dissatisfied and are concerned about the future of their team.

Lazio isn’t alone. Every team has a sector of dissatisfied fans regardless of what they do. Very rarely do fans go the step of not buying tickets to go to games. And in that way, losses in revenue is the only way for owners to really pay attention. It’s unknown what changes would be made for Lazio but even the ownership realize that some changes would need to be made and soon to just get back on track and hope that the fans come back.

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