LEICESTER, ENGLAND – JANUARY 23: Riyad Mahrez of Leicester looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Leicester City and Stoke City at (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Arsenal fan puts Riyad Mahrez Arsenal kit up for sale after Mahrez re-signs with Leicester

The transfer window can be a wonderful time of optimism for fans. The thought of your team signing that one final piece to complete your team and go for a championship is tough to put out of your mind if said move hasn’t happened yet.

When it comes to Arsenal, they seem to be linked with just about every top soccer player around the world. And, more likely than not, their fans leave disheartened when that player either stays with their team or signs with another team. That’s exactly what happened here when an Arsenal fan picked the wrong time to purchase an Arsenal kit.

The Professional Footballers Association Player of the Year last season was reported to join Arsenal after winning the Premier League title last season with Leicester City. Arsenal fan Asad Balal, who claimed on Twitter to have inside info that Mahrez was going to Arsenal (because we all have “inside info” on Twitter) that he bought a “Mahrez, 26” Arsenal home kit and be the first to the punch whenever the inevitable happened. That didn’t happen as Mahrez re-signed with Leicester on Wednesday and Balal has an outdated kit that never was dated to begin with.

So, what do to with this kit? After suggesting he was just going to sell it, Balal decided to donate his shirt to charity. Which is actually a pretty cool thing to do. Many people seem to want to burn their outdated jerseys that it’s nice someone realized that they were mad but can make the best of the bad situation.


On second thought, maybe Balal should keep the Mahrez Arsenal kit. For one, it is kind of a collectors item since he’s probably the only person in the world to have that. And two, it’s a great reminder if he ever wanted to try and tempt fate with the next big name player who is linked with Arsenal.

I’ll at least give Balal credit. At least he only bought a shirt, he didn’t get a premature tattoo that so many people have gotten and wound up being wrong. Giving away a shirt is a bit easier to do than getting rid of a tattoo.


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